Imaginary Cities

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Cities – Atelier Olschinsky

The Cities Series by Atelier Olschinsky offers a slice of the city rarely experienced. It is a fly-over isometic of vivid colour and intricate structures that offer a complex perspective. It is like you are observing the city from the eyes of Godzilla, but with kaleidoscopic goggles on.

The absence of humans in the illustrations leave these urban landscapes in a peculiar state, almost as if the machines have taken over, humans are now caged in perpetual hibernation and the construction of non-organic elements has accelerated at unprecedented scale. It paints a post-rapture dystopia and AI maintains the earth now.

The images are compelling and have something to say perhaps because they are from the point of view of non-architects. Working purely from a visual point of view Atelier Olschinsky have been able to create places that have a fascinating level of intricacy and detail, without being bogged down in the practicality of how it might actually function. It is of course blurring that boundary between art and design. It is focusing on speculative, futuristic existence when the very fabric of the city has dominated not only its original natural context, but also its original natural inhabitants.


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