Metropolis on Wheels

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This is Manuel Dominguez homage to Archigram’s ‘The Walking City’, animating the ideas first fashioned in the 60s. The idea is about a manoeuvrable city that could respond to its needs of resourcing and employment by relocation. A city that could determine it’s own future by choosing its place of settlement.

In today’s world it is arguable that you can predict, with near certainty, the welfare and opportunities provided to an inhabitant of a certain city dependent on where it is positioned geographically. A case in point would be Middlesbrough in the UK. After the decline of the ship building industry a lack of job creation created a short fall, unemployment is on the rise and the population is declining. Wealth does not travel well to this area and ifastructure does not serve it fairly. The North East of England in comparison to, say,  the Home Counties are in high contrast in regard to opportunity and connection. However, perhaps the beautiful landscape of the “wild” North could allure a Bedford to escape the grasp of overbearing London. Swapping places could be mutually beneficial, although I could see a few people disagreeing with that particular arrangement.

The idea of nomadic cities is an intriguing concept that could either result in a world where people interconnected in a futuristic, ultra-mobile, communesque, cyber-hippy way. Or perhaps, cities could become like gigantic ships navigating the rolling crests of Yorkshire, with great pirate colonies looking to pillage. Carlisle boosting Kensington of Harrods then obilerating the cast of Made in Chelsea with Lazer-Parmos to the face. Perhaps you would have immigrant cities; Algiers tries to board the Rivera much to the annoyance of the great, great granddaughter of Marine Le Pen. I digress…

Anyway, this slide show above demonstrates with a degree of plausibility how it could work, with Dominguez’s compelling images of the moving metropolis relocating, relocating, relocating. Below is Archigram’s stylish, retro version.

The Walking City
The Walking City – Archigram

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