Preston Bus Station

Whilst on the theme of the British Brutalist movement in architecture, here is another classic example of the the style.

Preston Bus Station

Unlike its counterpart the Barbican, Preston Bus Station has not achieved a graded building status. The bold design often is the centre of demolition threats leveled by the council, but are usually fended off by petitioners vowing allegiance to the monument. In May 2010 the bus station was voted Preston’s favourite building. Despite this plans to demolish look set to kick in with another development project given the go ahead, the new design calls for a smaller and more modern interchange, to work more efficiently and cost effectively. The very demolition of the concrete beast would cost over £1.8 million, not exactly a snip.

The building has a sculptural presence that echoes power through repetition and bulk. The curved balconies began as an idea to save money but became the unique face of the building. The form has a elongated organic shape that is stacked, like an urchin stretched fossiled. Its monstrous muzzle is unmissable and not to everyone’s taste, but it’s visual impact is undeniable and speaks of something deeper that the plasticy proposal likely to follow.





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