To be Charrette or not to be

Another pointless contribution, today, French lesson #1


“When someone is really busy, the common (architectural) sense depicts this situation as ‘being charrette’. This expression was made in Paris around the XIXe century, more precisely at the 14th street Bonaparte where it is currently located the National Superior School of Architecture of Paris Malaquais (oh don’t be so rude, we aren’t that pompous, it’s just a matter of facts) […] in order to pin up on time for their crit, the architecture students used to borrow carts (charrettes in french) from street sellers or library tenants near Montparnasse (down the street, toward the south) to carry theirs models, papers_and other big things that piss you off when you’re trying to take the metro, you’re late, and it’s the rush hour.
The game was then to push your cart, running (
North if you’re following) toward the school and praying to arrive on time.”

Well, another perpetual truth that enables us to understand a bit more about french clichés, if we’re stinking it’s because we’ve been running, if we were running it’s because we were late, and if we were late it’s because we were hesitating between having a croissant or a shower.


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