Itty Bitty Cities

It seems to be a modern trend to have a scale model of your city in some exclusive suite, usually for invited groups and often to discuss development ideas or planning; a tool to convince investors of the city’s potential and current needs. I’ve visited two such city-scaled models, featured below, although neither as part of a corporate venture, but purely negotiated as an educational supplement/I wanted to see them. I have to say you can see why investors are taken here, the immersion of suddenly being Godzilla amongst familiar land marks is absorbing, some of the details painstakingly intricate. I have to say I preferred the Berlin model, the wooden shades refer to buildings built post-unification, although the London model had a “show-stopper” effect of the richest business’s being illuminated… think the makers were showing off, shame they couldn’t of picked a nicer colour than the blue for the Thames, especially as it’s more often a muddy brown.



I found this as well. Peter Root a man with time on his hands, and an eye for the potential of stationery has create his own anonymous city out of staples. Très intéressant.


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