“you have to be focused and impatient”

Once upon a Suomi time, in 1969 to be more precise, a brave man decided to released a piglet on which he wrote SAFA, (Suomen Arkisomething Finland Archisomethingelse, sorry guys, I’m a lazy disrespectful frenchie) during a lecture given by Alvar. He hoped this gesture would be seen as an especially radical one. An unforgettable event that would be turned soon in an obscure urban legend. He was wrong. Our Finnish god smiled, and his followers started to run after the cute little thing. Expectations 0 – Reality 1.

According to him, this cold day of year 1969 was both the end and the beginning of the militancy in Finland. I’ve been told this story by my new hero. My new hero is called Roger Connah and he is English (but I’m pretty sure he is French in the bottom of his heart). Far away from those pretending to be Big thoughts, Roger is the man who dared to question Finnish architecture.

Y U NO get OUT of Aalto’s shadow ?


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