Montparnasse: Le Cimetière du Sud

Montparnasse Cemetery is the eternal resting place of many French intellectuals and artists. Most notably the likes of Jean-Paul Satre, Simone de Beauvoir, Constantin BrâncuşiCésar Baldaccini and Serge Gainsbourg, among many others of the creative elite. In a recent trip to Paris I set out here knowing little to nothing about it but I found this particular graveyard unlike any I had visited before. I guess this was partially down to my touristic eye seeing little but the place as a photography playground BUT it was altogether a really strange place, completely fascinating.

The Most interesting thing about this cemetery for me was the monumentality of the many and varied tombstones left in wake of the deceased; most bold and emphatic, solidly permanent, some weird and unnerving, others verging on the cheesy side of things. The diversity of the crammed in and mismatched resting places really make this place unique and odd, it seems each grave is competing with its neighbour in a fight of remembrance. Here are a few photos i took of those who I deemed to be winning in that respect.



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