Dirty Insides

Where do you fit as an urban explorer?

The idea of crashing through a chipboard panel to ease yourself and a group of like-minded folk into a rotting shack, isn’t most people’s best idea of a day out. It is an act that would have the more conservative amongst us in uproar for sheer disregard of the rules and responsibility, it could bring out the Bouquet in image conscious Buckets. For some people though the adrenaline rush of crawling in to the most unloved thing since their teenage affair with ‘the spotty girl’ is just too much to miss out on.

http://www.28dayslater.co.uk. Is a website dedicated to such people, It hosts a wide collection of personal expeditions into the boarded up and abandoned underworld often more associated with junkies and bums than a hub for cannon-clad enthusiasts. Its extensive source of investigations into dilapidation and decay demonstrates a good following in the scene. The output is divided into various forums of experience, where people have posted photographs and reports on a moldy ruin of choice.

This website is the perfect tool for those sold on the nerdy, obsessive nature of urban exploration, but also shares a piece of uncovered Britain that is really fascinating. It is a good source of photographs revealing the strangeness of dead architecture, the weirdest ones really are double interesting, beauty in decay and all that.

The punk nature of going against the grain is somehow lost here, but exposing the dirty guts of broken britain is certainly thriving, crow bars and anoraks to boot.


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